Our vision

Innovation transforms
an idea into value.

Innovation at GPI has two aspects : radical and incremental

At GPI, innovation is entrusted to an experienced and multidisciplinary team that aims to monitor technological advances in order to develop new or optimized processes.

Innovation is a technological, organizational and commercial force, allowing us to offer new, advantageous and competitive processes.

Made up of doctors and process engineers, our innovation service is specialized in the design and the fabrication of processes with a competitive advantage.  In continuous technological and business monitoring, we create prototypes and installations advanced by the research of technological breakthroughs. 

GPI also intervenes to optimize the production of clients, from improving their processes to manufacturing a turnkey project.



Client's need : Control the particle size and heat transfer of powers.

GPI's solution : Handling cosmetic powders in a closed system and heating/cooling agitation.

Fine chemicals

Client's need : Degrease steel cables.

GPI's solution : Wash skid that removes any contact between the dichloromethane (liquid and vapor) and the operators.


Client's need : Control purity of sodium liquid.

GPI's solution : Ultrafiltration and purification skid for sodium liquid at high pressure


Client's need : Sample pharmaceutical raw materials from the receiving station.

GPI's solution : Mechanic sampling station with laminar flow.


Client's need : Develop a production line for multi-tablets.

GPI's solution : Special machine for assembling tablets.


Client's need : Develop a powder injection system.

GPI's solution : Sas insertion of powders through an inerting system and the flow of fluidizing powders.


Client's need : Establish a safety device on an alcohol loop for pharmaceutical applications.

GPI's solution : Expansion without membrane (absorption pipe expansion).